Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

What is Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation?

Many people understand the need for physical therapy after surgery. However, did you know that physical therapy could be important even before surgery? It is important to be as strong and mobile as possible up until the day of surgery. Your therapist will provide you with the proper exercises and stretches so that you will be better prepared for after surgery, which will help speed up your recovery. After surgery, your therapist will perform an evaluation on your functional movements, range of motion, strength, and soft tissue quality. You will then be prescribed a plan of care that may include manual therapy, exercise, movement re-education, modalities, and a home exercise program.

Why should you choose us for Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation?

Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility

Recover Properly from Injury and Surgery

Get back to Playing Sports

How can Fantastic Central PT help you recover?

At Fantastic Central PT, we know that healthy, strong patients recover faster from life’s challenges. That’s why we’ve designed treatments and programs to help empower you to make healthier choices, every day. Our experts can evaluate your fitness and create a supervised exercise and nutrition program just for you. We’ll show you how to boost your unique metabolism, burn calories, add muscle, and eat better — while having fun doing it.

What Benefits does Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation Provide?

Patient Education and Training on Post-Operative Precautions

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Improve Range of Motion after Surgery

Improve Balance and Posture

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