What is Sports Rehabilitation?

Our therapist has worked with athletes participating in sports such as baseball, football, basketball, diving, swimming, martial arts, soccer, volleyball, ballet, and gymnastics. We use movement analysis for sports-specific movement patterns in order to hypothesize what movements are leading to dysfunction. Your rehabilitation will focus on the key muscles and joints in order for you to participate at peak performance. Moreover, other muscles that may not be used enough during a particular sport may become weak or tight. Having a thorough evaluation will allow your therapist to prescribe exercises or stretches to those areas that may be neglected, which will help to decrease your risk of developing overuse injuries.

Why should you choose us for Sports Rehabilitation?

Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility

Recover Properly from Injury and Surgery

Get back to Playing Sports

How can Fantastic Central PT help you recover?

At Fantastic Central PT, we know that healthy, strong patients recover faster from life’s challenges. That’s why we’ve designed treatments and programs to help empower you to make healthier choices, every day. Our experts can evaluate your fitness and create a supervised exercise and nutrition program just for you. We’ll show you how to boost your unique metabolism, burn calories, add muscle, and eat better — while having fun doing it.

What injuries and conditions does Traditional Physical Therapy help?

Ankle Injury

Back Pain and Injury

Neck Injury

Hip Injury

What are patients saying about us?