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Why should you choose us to treat your concussion?

The days of sitting in a dark room to treat a concussion are over. Statistics have shown that as concussion symptoms begin to decrease, physical therapy has been shown to help recover balance, gaze stability, focus, gait and mood.
The assessment, diagnosis and treatment of concussions follow a specific process and must be handled on an individual basis. We understand that symptoms and recovery time are unique and develop an individualized plan of care that helps increase physical and mental activity.

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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprains account for 0.4 percent of all injuries but the greatest number of median days lost from participation (259 days)

50% of concussion injuries that result in a secondary impact result in the death of the student athlete.

This could be prevented by simply making sure the student athlete has fully healed from a concussion.

In this Assessment you'll discover...

When it is best to seek professional help.

What to avoid after suffering a concussion.

Effective strategies for managing symptom flare-ups.

When rest is the most important part of recovery.

How to get back into exercise safely.

Who can be an optimumcare provider?